Support the Homewood Public Library and donate today! Your support will go 100% towards improving the Homewood Public Library. If you would like to donate online, we accept all major forms of credit cards. In-person donations are always, of course, accepted at the Library. 


There is so much more to the Homewood Library than books!

We love Homewood and are fortunate to be part of such a great community with a wonderful library. Our vision is to help the library become the cultural center of Homewood. We are moving toward that goal by making its meeting spaces the very best that they can be. Whether your interest lies in yoga, dinner theater, coding classes, book clubs, or educational lectures, there is always something interesting, educational or entertaining happening at the library.

Recently, the City Council approved a much needed expansion to relocate the library’s computer department. While this $1.4 million addition is under way, the Foundation Board is finalizing plans to renovate all of the downstairs meeting rooms, which are in almost constant use every day of the year. In the last year, Foundation funds provided updated audiovisual equipment for the large auditorium and a new reading nook for the Children’s Library. But there’s more to be done and we need your help to do it!

Funds raised in 2019 will be used to supplement the city’s support for furnishings needed throughout the library. With your help, we can make the library space a more welcoming, comfortable, and pleasant environment for all visitors. Your tax-deductible gift will be both greatly appreciated and put to good use. It will represent yet another important investment in our quality of life here in Homewood.


Valerie Gordon
Homewood Library Foundation President